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Dear friends,


I’ve discovered recently this Belgian artist Isabelle Scheltjens and I fell in love with her Art. I find her works unique and captivating; these are not paintings, nor photos, nor abstract art…. but all of these at the same time… Her art is just amazing….

Isabelle Scheltjens  has put an original and contemporary touch to the pointillism of the great classical painters. She has developed a new way of creating portraits, whereby thousands of glass mosaics in specific patterns optically form an image.…

Isabelle’s unique glass fusion technique achieves striking optical effects: it captures light and color. Up close, it is an abstract and unfinished image with a captivating composition of vivid colors. From a distance, shapes and colors come together to form a distinct image, like a photograph, expressive and tactile…. Pointillism reinvented and re-contextualized.


The artist offers few choices of portrait of celebrities or strangers  She can also customize pieces for you, based on a photograph. Studio shooting are possible. 

​ If you would like to acquire a piece from this artist, please contact us (information, artist contact, organization of a workshop visit @ studio shootings - near Brussels). It is also possible to see some pieces from the artist, depending on the country. Don't hesitate to ask.

As part of the partnership between Isabelle Scheltjens and the association, the artist will donate a portion (or all in some cases) of all purchases made through our association PERLS. These funds will be used to support orphanages in Vietnam sponsored by the association. Buy through PERLS!


Liên CHABOT, Founder and President of Association « Pour que des Enfants Retrouvent le Sourire » For children to smile again » (PERLS)  Humanitarian French Association Law 1901, dedicated to orphanages in Vietnam.

Email : association.perls@gmail.com

Some examples....

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The glass mosaics of different sizes are colored laid on each other and then assembled to form what appears to be a photograph.

Don't hesitate to zoom on the artwork!

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Sans titre.jpg

Fixed prices 2020 defined by the artist  (direct or via PERLS)

133 x 101cm: 16,000EUR

140 x 105cm: 18,000EUR

152 x 114cm: 21,000EUR

166 x 125cm: 23,000EUR

177 x 135cm: 28,000EUR

As part of the partnership between Isabelle Scheltjens and the association, the artist will donate to us a portion of all purchases (or all in some cases)  made through our association PERLS


The PERLS association was created in February 2019, a few days after one of its founders volunteered at an orphanage in Vietnam. Since then, the association has been raising funds to come to the aid of these poor young children by providing them with material goods and food assistance, making their well-being and their personal development a priority. Its new objective: to provide access to education for the children, an essential weapon in the fight against poverty and out of their condition. 

" As for the future, it is not a question of foreseeing it, but of making it possible"...Antoine de Saint Exupéry. 


Let us give them the chance to build their future

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